Sing! on Apple TV

I started this project with one goal: to reimagine what karaoke could be on the world's first true smart TV. It had to be special.

Before the project was even public, it made a small cameo in Apple's 2015 Keynote event. Expectations were high.

After extensive research and several prototypes, I developed a vision that brought karaoke into a continuum with both video games and film.

You explore a richly detailed 3D globe by throwing a paper plane. With each toss, you stumble across geo-located, home-made music video performances from Smule's community (including more than a few famous artists).

When you are ready, you dive in to duet with your singer of choice. If you get tired of them, just swipe the remote and we jump to another singer's rendition where you left off.

The app proved a hit. Without paying for a single advertisement, we've been on the top trending list since Apple TV hit the market.

Tech reviewers also loved it. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"...try the Sing! Karaoke app for Apple TV. This free app is popular on the iPhone but works better on a television.. It's silly, simple, rewarding fun — so much so that I got distracted singing pop songs while writing this column."
-The New York Times

"...some [apps] make the jump from the small to big screen so incredibly well that it seems like they've always belonged there. Watching people around the world pour their hearts into the Sing karaoke app is amazing on the Apple TV."
-The Verge

"Smule's Sing! is one of the best reinventions of an iOS app I've found for the Apple TV so far: Karaoke on my Apple TV? Sign me up."

"My daughter and I enjoyed playing Smule's Karaoke-like Sing!"
-The San Jose Mercury News

" Your neighbours might hate you for it, but those lonely Friday nights in no longer need to be a depressing affair. Sing! Karaoke transforms your Apple TV into your own karaoke booth"
-Digital Spy

Sing! made almost every "best app" list, including Business Insider, Macrumors, Cult of Mac, and Forbes.

You can read more about this project and my design process in this Fast Company feature.