AutoRap lets absolutely anyone make rap music, regardless of skill level. It's one of the world's most popular music apps, enjoyed by children, movie stars, and accomplished rappers the world over.

I led a major redesign of AutoRap, ushering in a sleek minimalist look and transforming it into a social network whose currency is musical collaboration.

Extensive research went into this process, including ethnographic observations of rap cyphers, deep interviews with rap producers, and of course, user testing with kids.

Below you can see one of our rap consultants at the office, a glimpse of the resulting design spec in the middle, and my iterations to simplify core flows on the far right.

Apple featured it. More importantly, users liked it. The graph below shows a representative sparkline for AutoRap's core engagement metrics during my tenure as design lead.

We even have a few glowing testimonials...

It's just pure fun!
-Queen Latifah, Rapper

"My own rapping skills are quite good, actually. You get this thing... AutoRap, and you talk into [it], and they auto-tune it and make it into a quite interesting musical number."
-Aidan Gillen, Actor

"I'm a rapper. I write all my songs and I'm saving up for my own studio so having this app, even if it sounds cheesy, is bringing me closer to my dreams."

-Scotty-b, Rapper