Hi. I'm Ben.

I design things at a medium-sized startup. I've also crafted tools for musical collaboration and digital storytelling. Some of these projects have been well received...

"Silly, simple, rewarding fun."

-The New York Times

-The Verge
"It's just pure fun!"

-Queen Latifah

Recent publications:
How Fonts are Fueling the Culture Wars, WIRED Magazine
How to write products, UXDesign.CC
Beyond The iPhone: What Apple TV Reveals About Designing For Tomorrow's Devices, Fast Company Design

Be a Design Rebel! Design Matters - 2018
Data and Design, Mixpanel Office Hours - 2014
Types and Trees, ICTVC - 2013

There's also STUDIO DORÉ.

Find me on Medium or LinkedIn. Don't be afraid to say hello.